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Our Love Story

The Journey Begins

Dr. Wambui Kiruthi and Mr. William Reid met through a mutual friend while attending university. Wambui was studying for her Bachelor of Science degree in Public & Community Health with a minor in International Development and Conflict management. William was studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. The initial uniting quality each of them possessed was their willingness to care for others. Wambui was always helping and serving the community while William always attended to the needs of those he cared for while serving as a leader in the community. This was the beginning of a friendship.

How We Became Friends

William completed his engineering degree and was immediately employed with a Fortune 500 company while preparing to build the family of his dreams. Wambui furthered her educational and vocational endeavors obtaining a Master of Public Health in Global Health at The George Washington University and a Doctor of Pharmacy from University of Maryland Baltimore. Unbeknownst to Wambui, William was consistently checking-in with their mutual friend to see Wambui's progress in life; being respectful and supportive of her educational and career goals. The two realized they were twin flames coming together once again at that friend's wedding.


Choosing Each Other

The spirituality between the two, the love of family, the drive to be leaders in the community, and similar visions of the future added depth to the relationship that developed. They received blessings from each set of parents in their partnership. Wambui respects his moral compass and desire for a positive family unit. William admired Wambui's presence within the family unit while venturing to her homeland of Kenya and  determined she was the person he could begin a family with. 

Our Future Together

William expressed his intent to dedicate his life to Wambui and their future family at Central Park's Bow Bridge in New York City. God bestowed a blessing of showers on the occasion and cleared the area for the two to have a private proposal. The two look forward to growing a family, traveling and maturing together while striving for the best quality of life possible. 


Our future begins 11.9.2024

William & Wambui= WR^2


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